Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quick Update

I'm pausing in the midst of packing (which with two kids is an all day affair) and writing a quick update on the happenings in our life. We are headed out of town tonight to go see our parents (Noah really enjoys his mamaw, papaw, manny, and pots). Then we are headed up to White Sox game for a (as my mom terms it) a family reunion with my mom, grandma, sister, and the significant others. Surprisingly, I'm actually somewhat looking forward to it. I am not however looking forward to entertaining my son at a night game IL time. It will be a LATE night as there are fireworks afterwards. We secured a hotel in Chicago though so we won't have to drive too far that night. On Saturday we are planning on just walking Chicago (my FAVORITE thing to do). I don't even need to shop per se, I just love walking around and seeing all the fun buildings and sights. Maybe we'll head to Navy Pier or Millenium park if the weather is nice.

Have a great 4th everyone!


Kelsey said...

Chicago is awesome! Enjoy!

Ann said...

Sounds like fun--have a great time!

Melinda said...

I miss you! Hope it's all been stupendously fun!