Monday, July 21, 2008

Small provisions

As it turned out, it wasn't a terrible day. They drained Callie's lump around 1. Dave went down with her and apparently, I'm just glad that I wasn't there. She came back pretty tired from crying. She slept a good portion of the afternoon. Dave and I had headed to the video store and rented a few movies. So we watched one of those. Then Dave told me to head out for a little while. So, I found a Target and went for it. I have decided that I am not a downtown traffic kind of girl. It's a bit hairy trying to get on/off the interstate in a downtown city.

I got Callie some cute things for next summer (they have some great deals right now). I also bought myself a purse because I am tired of carrying my wallet and my phone around in my hand.

When I got back, the nurses (whom I've started to think of as family) stopped me before I hit the room and wanted to see my new purse. We chatted about how much we all love Target. My favorite nurse, Christy, is working. She has been so great. Really, all the nurses today are wonderful and for the most part I've seen them a few times before so we're growing friendships. I admit, I will probably honestly miss them when we leave here.

Callie seems to continue to do well. She got a bath today and was really good for daddy. She is just now starting to stir again and is due for her meds. All in all, I am so thankful to my husband who made this day bearable and allowed me to get out for a little bit so that I can remain sane. There is still an end in sight, it's just a little bit longer distance than I first assumed.

Dave's taking the computer tonight, but he'll be back tomorrow afternoon sometime. Hopefully by that time we'll have an idea about what the next few days hold.

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Laura said...

oh kim....if i were there right now i would "hug yer neck" ;) as beth moore would say ;)
hang in there! we too are finding out God is SO big and it's all in His hands....our lives...our hearts....everything. we'll keep praying...believing!