Saturday, March 28, 2009

Callie's Birthday party

So, even though Callie's birthday is technically not until next week, we celebrated it this weekend. She's a hoot. Here are a couple of pics of the day:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, Ok, so I should probably update. Life has been crazy. We had a baby shower for one of our friends here last weekend, Callie's birthday party is coming up this weekend (even though her birthday is not until the 3rd. We have a leaders retreat that weekend). The kids are doing great. The weather is beautiful. This is why I haven't updated. I really don't have a whole lot new to tell. Things are good. I can't complain.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


OK, so every year, Thorntown gives Dave a gift certificate to Beef and Boards, a dinner theater in Indy. This year we decided to use it to see Cats, so we had our fabulous babysitters back (Sarah B. and Emi). Dave and I ended up sharing a table with another couple. At first, I was really nervous about this, but the couple we shared it with turned out to be a lot of fun! Donna, as it turns out is an avid Karen Kingsbury fan (as am I) and we talked on and on about the different books that she had written. She's even going to call me today and give me more information about one that she had read but couldn't remember the details! They have been married for 46 years and it was so much fun to hang out with a couple with that track record. They regaled us with stories of all their traveling and cruises (they had just recently retired). We enjoyed them immensely.

The show was pretty good as well. I think it's the best one that we have seen there. Everyone had really good abilities and I really like Andrew Lloyd Webber's music. There really was no plot though, which was kind of confusing to me at times, but the music was fun.

It was a lot of fun for Dave and I. It's so nice to be able to get out on dates more often these days. We had a great time.


Covered in paint? Check. Blisters? Check. Sense of satisfaction? Check. I finally got an opportunity to help paint at the new church. Thanks to some fabulous babysitters, I was able to ditch the kids for a few hours Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and help paint the new church offices. It was a lot of fun, and I loved feeling part of something that was bigger than myself. Things are coming along well and I can't wait to see everything when it's all done!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great day

Today was one of those really great days. I got some rockstar prayer yesterday at church, which really helped my outlook. Dave worked overnight, but got 7 hours of sleep. He called on his way home and asked if we had any interest in going to the zoo. Of course! It was SUCH a beautiful day out. We all had a great time. Then after the kids had a short nap, we played at the park with our neighbors. Dave made a steak on the grill. We have the house opened up and Dave is making cupcakes. Can today get any better? Really? I love days like this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Who can be depressed when you hear this around your house all afternoon? Seriously, Noah has been singing it non-stop. I'm amused that God's not above using my son and his childlike faith to send me a message.

Thank you Jesus for loving us...even when we're unloveable.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Outdoor Fun


I took Callie into the doctor this morning for her ear infections. We've been 4 times now. Today, she was finally infection free. Thankfully. I have been into the doctor for one kid or the other every week for the past 5. It has gotten expensive. So, the fact that she is still poking in her ear means that there still may be a little fluid left in there, but ultimately no infection. That's good news.

We stopped by the new church building on the way home. Construction (or rather destruction) was in full force. They had ripped up carpeting, were tearing down walls. So many people came out to help, it was really encouraging to see the church community bond together like that.

I bit into a cookie and my back tooth just THROBBED. I inherited my bad teeth from my dad (Thanks Dad). I guess I need to make a call to the dentist on Monday...because I sure am not giving up sweets.

Sorry. Not much to say. I'm feeling kind of down today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rainy Days

I love rainy days just after the time change. I am one of the few that actually enjoys springing forward. Fall back just means my kids get up an hour earlier. Springing forward gives me the illusion that I am sleeping longer (8:30 the last two days!). Without having to be anywhere in the morning, my kids actually sleep in because it's still dark outside. Anyway, the rainy day part...I enjoy rainy days when I don't have to get up and I can just lay in bed for awhile and listen to the rain against the window. I don't like a series of rainy days, but the spring ones seems to be my favorite. Noah is bummed because I won't let him play outside. Maybe we'll have to find something else to do today instead.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Fun

I realize that I fell off the blogosphere this week. It's been another hectic week. However, this weekend Dave's brother and his family came down for a visit. We had SUCH a great time. The cousins (Noah and Tyler) played and played and PLAYED. We went down to the Children's Museum on Saturday. The kid's had a great time. It was so nice to get to see them. Grandma and Grandpa came over today and have hung out with us. Noah is back on track with potty training. HOORAY!

Here's a few pics from the weekend:

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a CRAZY weekend!

Friday night we had a party...which was SO much fun. We love having people over and hanging out with them. We played Guitar Hero, MadGab, talked and ate. It was fun getting to know some newer people as well. I wish that our house was bigger so that we could invite EVERYONE we know, but until then, we have to do parties in smaller quantities. I mean we still had 20-30 people in our little house. Not too bad.

Saturday was a seriously weird day. Dave woke up with a major migraine, putting him in not such a stellar mood. We ran errands in the morning. Were planning on going to paint our own coasters (a fun family project!), but Noah had an accident before we got there and just fell asleep. So we headed home only to find that he had another accident. This proceeded all afternoon. He would pee just a little every 5-10 minutes. We went through quite a bit of underwear. I finally called the doctor and she said that it was bladder spasms...and to put him in a warm bath to help soothe his bladder and well, to empty it. I did that, and it seemed to work.

Meanwhile, Dave's day continued to get worse because I accidently downloaded spyware thinking that it was actually an antivirus software program. It had the Windows logo and everything. The only thing that had me hung up was having to pay and a registration number. I didn't do it and decided to ask Dave what the deal was. This would explain why we are having such issues with our computer lately. It took him over an hour to get it off and run all our ACTUAL virus/spyware scans. I'm not sure that did his headache any good.

So although we missed a birthday party that afternoon due to Noah's potty issues and other stuff, we were also invited to go swimming. We decided that Noah was doing well enough at this point to go. His mood had at least improved. It turned out to be a lot of fun! We went with two other families. Noah had a blast. When we got out of the pool, got dressed and Dave was going to buy Noah a snack. He reached into his wallet to pull out some cash and realized that all his cash was stolen. He had just put some in there before we left, but there was a basketball game going on at Faith and a lot of extra traffic. So, someone got $26 from the Yenerich's. Ugh.

However, the day turned around again. We went over to our friend's house to have pizza and had a great time talking and playing Apples to Apples. The night ended well.

Sunday, I was super distracted at church with a ton of different things. It made for a very interesting morning for me. Noah continued to have potty issues during the day. Dave had two vet calls. One for a vomiting dog of one of our friends and another for one of the technicians in Thorntown whose dog was having puppies. Both turned out to be minor.

Sunday night, we had Clear Vision. It's a time where the leaders of the church get together, eat dinner, get refueled, etc. Anyway, last night God was really moving...especially in restoring people: both physically and spiritually. Many people got prayer. A friend of ours recently had surgery on her ACL. She was still in a lot of pain. Dave went back there along with some others to pray for her. They prayed for her, she stood up, and felt no pain. Then...she started walking...without a limp! It was awesome to see God's healing power on her. I always believe that God can heal, but it still blows my socks off when I see it with my own eyes.

This morning, Dave woke me up to tell me that Chester was in a lot of pain. He did something to his neck, although we are not sure what. The poor dog has been moving carefully, and not doing much. If you get too close to his head, he winces. It's heartbreaking. Dave brought home some painkillers for him and we are trying to keep him away from the kids just to give him a break (Noah likes to climb all over Chester).

Meanwhile, Noah was STILL having issues with the potty: Having to pee 3 times in 30 minutes. We ended up taking him to the doctor because Dave was concerned that this was not normal. It turned out to be bladder spasms. I probably don't need to get into the details, but it's fairly common when they are first learning to potty train. She gave us some things to try with him. Hopefully we can get things situated soon. Really though, I'm not overly surprised to have a hiccup, since he did so well training in the first place.

So, that's our weekend.