Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Just so you wouldn't think I've completely gone off the's a shout out to all you dad's out there. Hope you have a great daddy day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grammy Meeker

My close friend from high school, Brooke's, grandmother passed away this week. She was an incredible lady and lived to the ripe age of 102. I remember lots of visits to see Grammy in the years that I too, lived in Bloomington. She would tell us how she used to work for ISU and she used a mimeograph to type things. She played piano from memory after she couldn't see the music anymore...and she was GOOD! She was a spunky lady who lived in her own house until just a few years ago. The good news is that she knows Jesus and her body is renewed in heaven with Him now. Brooke was incredibly close to her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers this week. Much thanks!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter festivities

Our neighborhood does an Easter Egg hunt every year. Usually it falls when Dave and I are on spring retreat, and Dave's parents are watching the they have ended up taking them the last two years. This year, I was actually around for it, but Dave's parents came up for the day, and got to enjoy it too. :-)

Our own little Easter egg hunt at home after church:

The Easter egg hunt that the kids had with their friends. So fun.

Callie turns 3 it a roll, but I finally just uploaded my camera to my computer.

Although this is almost a month late, Callie turned 3 on April 3rd. She had a tangled, themed birthday party. I realized that I have very few pictures from that day, so I may need some help from the grandparents to fill in some spaces. However, here are a few of the pics that I DO have. My little girl is growing up (sigh).

Some help from her cousin, Katie.

You asked for it...

Someone, ahem, I won't name names, has mentioned that I haven't blogged in awhile. :-) It's true. Often I look at the blog and an idea perculates, but either I don't REALLY have the time to expound...or I'm just being lazy.

Even now, I don't have one singular topic to fill an entire you may have the randomness that is floating through my brain...

Weeds- We've successfully weeded the dandelions out of our yard. It has been a major feat, and Dave has taken it quite personally. He has spent the better part of the last week leaned over our yard, popping dandelions out. He comes in each day with a 5 gallon bucket full, feeling vindicated...until the next day when more pop up. The kids and I helped one day, and it is actually quite gratifying. Think of it like popping a zit, without the scarring and redness afterward. I loved ridding the grass of those pesky weeds so that the good stuff can actually grow. It's funny how you can draw so many spiritual parallels to gardening. This was one of those times. It made me ponder what weeds I needed to pluck in my own life, so that the healthy grass could grow.

Gardening- To stay on the theme, we planted some seeds the other day in a "starter kit". This is actually our first experience with this, and already we are seeing the seedlings pop up. It's a neat science experiment for the kids. We have lots of different kinds of flowers and I can't wait until they are blooming in our garden. You may draw your own spiritual paralells here.

P90X- More like P40G for me. I "like" to do the cardio with Dave (mostly Kenpo, CardioX, and Core). After doing Core, I basically can't more for about 4 days. When I say "like", I mean I like the results when I do it consistently. I'm trying to do it 2-3 times a week. That feels a reasonable goal for me. Meanwhile, after two kids...jumping jacks are still not my friends.

Sunshine- I'm SO over the rain. Too much of it makes me grumpy and surly. The fact that the sun is actually shining as I write this, brings me much joy. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain more today. Grr. A thunderstorm, I like. Incessant rain, I do not.

The Royal Wedding- Um, so NOT over it. I will SO be one of the millions of viewers tuned into watch the wedding of Will and Kate. Yes, I even watched the Lifetime movie. It was terribly made, but I at least caught up on a little of the back story, if it can be believed (I'm not THAT obsessed). I like to think of it as I'm watching a piece of history in the making.

My kids-They're hilarious these days. I love listening to their stories and how they are becoming little big people. I swear Noah is 4 going on 25. It's hard to believe that he turns 5 in a few weeks. Callie still loves playing pretend. She gets this really high-pitched voice when she is in character. It's so cute to listen to.

I will try to do better at keeping this puppy posted...but comments to let me know you're there would probably encourage me to know that someone actually still reads this. :-)

Thanks Tiffany for kicking my butt into gear. :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling Springy

Dave's brother and sister-in-law came for a visit this week, along with their two adorable kids (who are close in age to our two monkeys). It was a great visit and the weather sure cooperated with us. We spent most of the day outside yesterday. We played, the boys fished, caught frogs and a turtle even, grilled out, and just relaxed. We had such a good time. The kids all did well sharing (for the most part) and got along pretty well with each other too. Now, they're headed back and we're bummed that they had to go. I added some pics below of some of our fun.

Mike and Laura...aren't they cute? :-)

The brothers taking the kids for a paddleboat ride.

I think this is the first turtle we've actually caught. We've seen a few in the pond before though.

Noah and Daddy with their first frog of the season. Dave caught it on his very first hit. They're still moving a little slower this time of year. :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bathroom update



I'm in project mode. Big time. I was looking at our bathroom to see what ways I can update it without spending a lot of money (aka new vanity, toilet, bathtub). So, for $30...or $2 out of pocket after using our menards rebates, and a little bit of time, we have a more modern looking bathroom. All I did was paint the cabinets and added some new pulls. I love it and so does Dave. Cheap elegance. :-)