Friday, May 22, 2009

Two great days

I've had two really great days in a row.

Yesterday started out in a funk for me. I just could not get going! Finally I called my friend to see if she would check Callie's ears on her way back from dropping her kids at the school practically next door to me...she's a Physician's assistant and I just wanted to be sure before I took her into the MD AGAIN. Yes, they are red, but my $10 otoscope from Walgreens wasn't enough for her to establish much else. We'll see how she does through the weekend. I noticed her kind of smacking her ear again...per usual with fluid or ear infection with her. Anyway, my friend ended up staying with her son, who is Noah's age. We just chatted and visited for the morning. It was so great for me because I had no real plans for the day, and this was a wonderful way to start my day.

Afterwards, I took the kids to the park. Why not? I was feeling pretty good. While we were there, we met another woman and her two children. She is a pastor's wife of a nearby chuch. We got to talking, and she ended up sharing some struggles that she was facing with me. Random, but cool. I actually got to pray with her right there on the playground! We exchanged numbers and since she lives in our neighborhood, I may have a new possible friend. Thank's Jesus. I know you had your hand in that situation.

Later that night, our friends Zach and Emi watched the kids, while Dave and I went to see Star Trek. Mind you, I have never stayed awake through a Star Trek movie or episode. Not really my bag. However, I can honestly say, that I really enjoyed this movie. It was good. Afterwards, Dave kicked my butt at air hockey. That's what I get for talking a big game beforehand...

Today, we garage saled in the morning and ran into one of our friends. Again, another impromptu playdate. What fun! We came home, went to the park (sensing a theme?), then ran to the mall to run a few errands. Our friend Sarah, and her friend Rachel stopped by. Then we met some more friends at Columbian park tonight. Noah got to play with his friends AGAIN. It was so nice to just talk and icecream and let the kids run off energy.

Noah has not napped in two days. I think I am OK with him nixing it, if he would sleep better at night. However, he is still waking up at 6:30. Come on kid. You need to catch up on your sleep sometime.

So, it's just been a great couple of days. Random, but cool events. I can feel God moving and I am just filled with a deep sense of joy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Update

So, we had Noah's family birthday this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. We drove up to my parent's house for the festivities. We took our friend Sarah B. with us. She is one of the kid's favorite people, and we like her too. :-) Noah's cousins were there, which was lots of fun. Noah and Tyler rode bikes together the whole time. Callie and Katie rode in the wagon to the park. As always, I'm so thankful they are so close in age. It was nice to see Mike and Laura as well. Aside from the grandparents, Great Grandpa Y. also came as well as my friend Brooke and her husband, Conrad, and baby, Alaina. I had never met Alaina before, who is just 3 months and is adorable.

Noah got lots of nice presents. The pics above indicate a Diego helmet to complete his bike ensemble. He also got a fishing rod, tackle box and all the fishing gear. The above pic is of him starting at the tackles, trying to figure out what they were. Not to mention a race track, puzzle, water guns, and a tee-ball set with a ball and glove. He's a pretty lucky dude.

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur. Dave worked all day Sunday. I took the kids to church and then shopping.

Yesterday passed much the same way: Blurry.

Today is our friend Sarah's 18th birthday. It's pretty exciting. :-) Happy Birthday Sarah!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Noah over the years

Welcome Baby Noah: May 14, 2006

1 day old

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old (today)

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

Today is Noah's 3rd birthday. I can't believe that we are here already, and yet...when I look at him, I can. He is growing up right before my eyes. He tells intricate stories of make believe. We sang the song, "Never Let Go" by Matt Redman at church last Sunday. I cried as I sang it, partially because the words are good, and partially because I could hear Noah's voice belting it out in the car. He LOVES that song.

All he wants for his birthday is a Diego bike. He has been unwavering in this. No matter when you ask him, "Noah, what would you like for your birthday?", his response is always: "A Diego bike!". He's getting it this afternoon and I am so excited for him. Hopefully I can take some video and post it. :-)

Noah just woke up and I wished him a Happy Birthday. "Do you feel any older?" His reply, "Yes, I'm (th)free. My Diego party is almost." (He's having a small birthday today and the big party is at my parent's house this weekend.)

I'll try to post progression pictures later. The first ones of him in the hospital are on Dave's computer and he is at work.

Happy Birthday little man!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy's Day

OK,'s a bit early. But, I was fortunate enough to already get my mother's day present: A new bike! I have been without a bike for quite a few years and I am not sure I've had a new one since I was like 7 (and even then I'm not sure if it was a hand-me-down or not). Anyway, Dave got a new bike 2 summers ago. I have either been pregnant or had small babies, so I haven't been all that interested until now. This year I decided that I wanted to ride bikes with Dave. It would be fun to go on family jaunts since Callie is old enough to sit in the trailer now.

Dave took me shopping and we picked out (I think) the perfect bike (for me). I'm so excited. We bought it last night on our fantastic date (visiting friends who just had a baby, going to the Silver Dipper, and then walking along the trail and just was beautiful). On our way home, he pulled into Walmart where the one that I really liked was, and we bought it (and groceries).

We've already been for two bike rides today. One to Meijer and one just around the neighborhood. The rain drove us back in the house though. That's OK. My jello legs need to get used to this type of exercise. :-)

It's been another great day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

In awe

So, today has been a FANTASTIC day. It started at church this morning. It was baptism Sunday. I love baptism Sunday. The excitement, the energy, God moving...I'm always crying happy tears through it.

Anyway, we started out with 13 people being baptized, but people kept getting moved by what God was doing...and the number ended up being I think 27! What?! At the end, during prayer ministry, it was just wonderful chaos as people accepted Jesus, those who were baptized got prayer, and a multitude of others came up to just receive prayer. You could feel God moving so tangibly. Our prayer team was MAXED out, but I think everyone who wanted prayer received it. It was one of those mornings where I am just so in awe of what God does. I feel like a bystander as I watch God's glory unfold in front of me.

We were so packed, I had to share a seat with my friend Sarah. I will most assuredly embarrass her if I say that we canoodled. :-)

Right afterward's we headed back to our house to host the College Cookout. Dave and I do it every year, and it's always a lot of fun. We drag out the paddle boat, bocce ball, beerbe, cornhole, and also eat tons of food.

We had over 40 people come out this year I think. I got to meet some new people, which is always fun, especially at the rate that our church is growing. It was such a beautiful day. When the bulk of people left, a few us just laid out for awhile listening to the bull frogs croaking across the pond. So peaceful.

The kids and Dave are snoozing. We have about another 45 minutes before we need to leave for Clear Vision. It's been a full, but wonderful day.

Thank you Jesus for moving so powerfully in the lives of those who were baptized this morning. We give you all the glory! Amen!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Updates

Callie- has another double ear infection. Poor girl. On top of that she caught some sort of virus that gave her a rash and a sore throat. She tested negative for strep. The doctor told me that she's not really contagious, so that's good. She did drop 7 ounces in two weeks because she lost her appetite. Yikes! As for the ear infection, Dave and I are getting close to wanting to see an ENT. This makes number 3 since February.

Garage Sale- SUCCESS! I got rid of a LOT of things and cleared out my garage. I feel a sense of peace in getting rid of the clutter. We also picked up Elefun for Noah and he's been so busy "catching butterflies". It's his new favorite game. I did do SOME garage sale-ing (can ANYONE tell me HOW this is spelled?!) myself. I got a few things for the kids, but I didn't go too hog wild here. I mean, I just decluttered for Pete's sake. :-)

Gearing up for another BUSY day tomorrow- Baptism service (love it!), College Cookout at our house, and then Clear vision in the evening. Busy? Yes, but I love it. It's all fun stuff.