Sunday, May 3, 2009

In awe

So, today has been a FANTASTIC day. It started at church this morning. It was baptism Sunday. I love baptism Sunday. The excitement, the energy, God moving...I'm always crying happy tears through it.

Anyway, we started out with 13 people being baptized, but people kept getting moved by what God was doing...and the number ended up being I think 27! What?! At the end, during prayer ministry, it was just wonderful chaos as people accepted Jesus, those who were baptized got prayer, and a multitude of others came up to just receive prayer. You could feel God moving so tangibly. Our prayer team was MAXED out, but I think everyone who wanted prayer received it. It was one of those mornings where I am just so in awe of what God does. I feel like a bystander as I watch God's glory unfold in front of me.

We were so packed, I had to share a seat with my friend Sarah. I will most assuredly embarrass her if I say that we canoodled. :-)

Right afterward's we headed back to our house to host the College Cookout. Dave and I do it every year, and it's always a lot of fun. We drag out the paddle boat, bocce ball, beerbe, cornhole, and also eat tons of food.

We had over 40 people come out this year I think. I got to meet some new people, which is always fun, especially at the rate that our church is growing. It was such a beautiful day. When the bulk of people left, a few us just laid out for awhile listening to the bull frogs croaking across the pond. So peaceful.

The kids and Dave are snoozing. We have about another 45 minutes before we need to leave for Clear Vision. It's been a full, but wonderful day.

Thank you Jesus for moving so powerfully in the lives of those who were baptized this morning. We give you all the glory! Amen!


Smileyface said...

It is soooooooo exciting and neat to see and hear how God is working thru you guys Kim! What a blessing...a BIG one at are to that area! And God must be smiling HUGE down upon you. A young couple, not only raising their kids to love the Lord, but also bringing others and loving them into the Kingdom!!!
Be blessed today knowing what a shining light you are ;)

Nikki Lyons said...

Woah, Kim! I randomly found you on blogger! haha See you soon!

SLP said...

It's exciting to hear what God is doing over there in Indiana! Praise God for the new believers being baptized:)