Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

Today is Noah's 3rd birthday. I can't believe that we are here already, and yet...when I look at him, I can. He is growing up right before my eyes. He tells intricate stories of make believe. We sang the song, "Never Let Go" by Matt Redman at church last Sunday. I cried as I sang it, partially because the words are good, and partially because I could hear Noah's voice belting it out in the car. He LOVES that song.

All he wants for his birthday is a Diego bike. He has been unwavering in this. No matter when you ask him, "Noah, what would you like for your birthday?", his response is always: "A Diego bike!". He's getting it this afternoon and I am so excited for him. Hopefully I can take some video and post it. :-)

Noah just woke up and I wished him a Happy Birthday. "Do you feel any older?" His reply, "Yes, I'm (th)free. My Diego party is almost." (He's having a small birthday today and the big party is at my parent's house this weekend.)

I'll try to post progression pictures later. The first ones of him in the hospital are on Dave's computer and he is at work.

Happy Birthday little man!


Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! Enjoy your Diego bike!

SLP said...

Happy birthday! Are you out riding that bike?

Elizabeth Miller said...

so cute!i can't believe those pics of him. .his baby pic doesn't look like him at all.. but after 1yr, he hasn't changed a bit! hope your party was fun!