Friday, May 22, 2009

Two great days

I've had two really great days in a row.

Yesterday started out in a funk for me. I just could not get going! Finally I called my friend to see if she would check Callie's ears on her way back from dropping her kids at the school practically next door to me...she's a Physician's assistant and I just wanted to be sure before I took her into the MD AGAIN. Yes, they are red, but my $10 otoscope from Walgreens wasn't enough for her to establish much else. We'll see how she does through the weekend. I noticed her kind of smacking her ear again...per usual with fluid or ear infection with her. Anyway, my friend ended up staying with her son, who is Noah's age. We just chatted and visited for the morning. It was so great for me because I had no real plans for the day, and this was a wonderful way to start my day.

Afterwards, I took the kids to the park. Why not? I was feeling pretty good. While we were there, we met another woman and her two children. She is a pastor's wife of a nearby chuch. We got to talking, and she ended up sharing some struggles that she was facing with me. Random, but cool. I actually got to pray with her right there on the playground! We exchanged numbers and since she lives in our neighborhood, I may have a new possible friend. Thank's Jesus. I know you had your hand in that situation.

Later that night, our friends Zach and Emi watched the kids, while Dave and I went to see Star Trek. Mind you, I have never stayed awake through a Star Trek movie or episode. Not really my bag. However, I can honestly say, that I really enjoyed this movie. It was good. Afterwards, Dave kicked my butt at air hockey. That's what I get for talking a big game beforehand...

Today, we garage saled in the morning and ran into one of our friends. Again, another impromptu playdate. What fun! We came home, went to the park (sensing a theme?), then ran to the mall to run a few errands. Our friend Sarah, and her friend Rachel stopped by. Then we met some more friends at Columbian park tonight. Noah got to play with his friends AGAIN. It was so nice to just talk and icecream and let the kids run off energy.

Noah has not napped in two days. I think I am OK with him nixing it, if he would sleep better at night. However, he is still waking up at 6:30. Come on kid. You need to catch up on your sleep sometime.

So, it's just been a great couple of days. Random, but cool events. I can feel God moving and I am just filled with a deep sense of joy.

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Mindy said...

Sounds like a fantastic few days! Hopefully it's a sign of how your 6 days by yourself will go.