Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Updates

Callie- has another double ear infection. Poor girl. On top of that she caught some sort of virus that gave her a rash and a sore throat. She tested negative for strep. The doctor told me that she's not really contagious, so that's good. She did drop 7 ounces in two weeks because she lost her appetite. Yikes! As for the ear infection, Dave and I are getting close to wanting to see an ENT. This makes number 3 since February.

Garage Sale- SUCCESS! I got rid of a LOT of things and cleared out my garage. I feel a sense of peace in getting rid of the clutter. We also picked up Elefun for Noah and he's been so busy "catching butterflies". It's his new favorite game. I did do SOME garage sale-ing (can ANYONE tell me HOW this is spelled?!) myself. I got a few things for the kids, but I didn't go too hog wild here. I mean, I just decluttered for Pete's sake. :-)

Gearing up for another BUSY day tomorrow- Baptism service (love it!), College Cookout at our house, and then Clear vision in the evening. Busy? Yes, but I love it. It's all fun stuff.

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Christy said...

Madison got Elefun from my sister for Christmas. She and Josiah LOVE it. The only bad thing is it eats through batteries like CRAZY!!!!