Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peaceful Quiet

So, yesterday Dave gave me a precious gift. It's been difficult lately with two kids...especially, since Callie is fighting something. Anyway, Dave went to work at the church yesterday for a few hours and decided to take Noah with him. I managed to get SO much done. I cleaned, and I mean really cleaned, the house. Callie and I sat and snuggled since she was feeling so rotten in between her naps. The TV was off and it was blessedly silent...for 6 hours. I can't remember when it's been that quiet for that long. There is always something happening, someone always seems to have the TV on, someone is always talking. And, as much I don't mind most of that, every once in awhile, the silence is so welcoming. Noah came home exhausted from having so much fun and slept for 2 hours once they got home. My friend Mindy came over in the evening to help out and just to keep me company. Later, Emi came over and we talked and prayed.

Today, Callie is still sick. This is day 3 of her fever (which is mild...around 99-100 degrees), but she has been out of sorts since Sunday. I'm still pretty convinced that it's because she's cutting all 4 molars (ouch!), but my heart breaks for her. Admittedly, it is nice that she wants to cuddle. Historically, she has not been much of one, so I enjoy the times where she just wants to lay on me and rest.

Noah has been really trying to be helpful, which is so endearing. He's such a good kid. Wild at times, but he has such a sweet heart. He brings blankets to us and other things. Yesterday, he layed his hands on Callie as if he were praying for her and sang, "Jesus loves me". It was incredibly sweet to watch.

I'm ready for a break in the rain so that we can be outside again. I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. I love thunderstorms. I'm not sure why exactly, but there is just something magnificent and powerful about them. I do not, however, like rainy gloomy days, which is what the thunderstorm quickly turned into.

I'm gearing up for our garage sale. It feels good to declutter. I keep slowly adding more things to the garage as I continue to clean/and clear out the house. The idea of simplifying really appeals to me.

Anyway, today is one of those days that I'm glad that I'm a stay at home mom. I'm still in pajamas, the kids are quietly content, I've been able to read for a little bit this morning, it's been very nice.

However, now I should probably get going for the day. Stay dry!

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