Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a glorious week

I'm totally due for an update. This past weekend, the leaders of our church had a retreat. It was awesome. Dave and I left the kids with Dave's parents and had 24 hours to meet with Jesus, fellowship with others, and even have some time to ourselves. It was fantastic. We both got good prayer. 5 people got baptized in the freezing cold pond. I laid on a blanket in the sun with some girls during the afternoon. It was so nice to just lay there and not have to worry about where the kids were or what they were in to. It was such a great time of rest. The timing was so good because we all have been exhausted with the new church building (we are scheduled to open this upcoming Sunday...) It was wonderful. It's also just been a really good week. I feel hopeful, family is going well, marriage is going well. The church is coming along. There is still a lot to be done, but we are on hold because of the carpet. Once the carpet gets laid...then we can finish up. I've been so proud of everyone who has really banded together to get this project completed. It's been incredible seeing people serve and doing it so joyfully. Dave has been over there every night this week and is currently over there now. I have some girls who have offered to babysit tonight so that I can go over and help. I really really love our community.

Life is good.

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Karissa said...

ahhhhh "sigh" is all i have to say :-)