Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jesus rocks.

So I've been pretty blown away by how much God has worked in the last two weeks. Here is a partial inventory of some of the cool things that have happened:

1) *Home hospital* Callie is a hard stick when it comes to IV's. Her's fell out so they needed to re-do the IV. They attempted 4 different times in various places (both feet, hand, forehead-eew). Finally they were going to attempt the hand again. At this point, I was practically in tears and I prayed, "Please let this one go in". No joke, Callie moved her hand just enough the the needle actually slid into place. The nurse was actually surprised. Whew. Thanks Jesus.

2) We had great people step up right away to watch Noah while we dealt with being admitted: Emily, Dede, and later my parents all took turns watching Noah during this ordeal. I'm so thankful that people were available and could help out.

3)We had many people come and pray over Callie and she landed on many church prayer lists (I keep finding out about more and more even now). Because of that, and the wisdom of the doctors, we are now home today.

4) We got transferred to Riley on Friday to a shared room with a late night TV watcher only to find out that they weren't going to do any procedures on her until Monday. I cried. I called Mom and asked her to pray (selfishly) that at the very least we could get a private room or something where I could actually get some sleep. 12 hours later, our nurse came in and had a room for us.

5) That same nurse, was an old highschool friend of Dave's. She showed up at a time when we were feeling scared and overwhelmed and it was nice to have a sense of familiarity (even though I had never met was still nice to have a sense of "home"). Since then, we have developed a friendship and I'm thankful for the cool ways that God works.

6) This past Monday, Dave was supposed to work at Thorntown all day (also the day we were supposed to get out of here). For the first time in 2 years, Thorntown made a scheduling error and scheduled Dave for Tuesday instead of Monday. It gave him the opportunity to come to the hospital with me and Callie. This was also the day that we were told we were not leaving, and Callie had to have another aspirate (something that I just cannot be present for). Dave was there to come along side me and to go with Callie. It would have been a HORRIBLE day if he would have had to work.

7) Tuesday: Dave did go into Thorntown. The doctors came in and decided to discharge us around 11:30. Dave got off work right around that time and was able to be there to pick us up and take us home.

8) Frisbee Golf- Dave went and played frisbee golf with some friends on Tuesday. He drove the van and when they were playing only kept the van key (not his whole set) in his pocket. After finishing 21 holes, Dave reached into his pocket for the key only to find an empty pocket. He called me and asked me to start heading out that way while they searched for it. Mom and I loaded the kids up. On our way there, we were talking about it and mom said, "pray about it". Well, not thinking about that before I decided, that could be a good idea. I silently lifted up a prayer. Before I was even finished, my cell phone was buzzing. It was Dave. I picked up the phone and said, "You have got to be kidding. Did you find it?!". Yes, was the reply. Then I told him my story. CRAZY!!! Thanks Jesus for even allowing us the small victories.

9) Dave got surprisingly paid for the 4th of July at Thorntown (It was on a Friday, which is not one of his normal days there). As it turned out, that extra money came at a great time. It helped us as we ate out 3 meals a day for 2 weeks.

So, we've seen God do some cool things recently. My faith has definitely been built up, that's for sure. Have a great day!


Ann said...

Too cool!!! God shows up in the big and small things :)

Laura said...

You guys have an amazing testimony!! God is working in so many right now, it's so awesome to see. So glad you guys get to be home and Callie is better.

Mary Sue said...

Praise God!! Amazing how "coincidences" work out.

SLP said...

Praise God that you are home! Is Callie in the clear?

mjvan said...

So glad you guys are home and doing well!

Jenny said...

Wow, your blog is super encouraging! My name is Jenny ( . I got to your blog from Laura's blog. I noticed a Ruthie link and clicked on her and I have Ruth on my Blogs I Frequent. I went to high school with Ruth. It is amazing how big the family of believers is, but yet how we all seem to know each other! Blessings and prayers to your family!