Monday, July 14, 2008

Evening Update

It's been a nicer evening after a rather stressful morning. Dave has been here off and on. After the biopsy, he headed into Thorntown for a few hours. After getting Callie to sleep in the evening we left the hospital to grab a quick bite (that wasn't McDonalds). It was the first time I had left the building since Friday. Callie was under a great nurse's care so we weren't too worried. We actually had almost a pseudo date. We held hands, went for a walk, and ate at Noodles and Company. The funny part is, we didn't really talk we just silently ate our food because we are both so spent and too tired to have a real conversation. Don't get me wrong, we have actually connected really well since we have had all this time together. But we were both pretty exhausted and this trial is taking it's toll. He ended up leaving and heading to Jen's for the evening shortly after we got back. He is totally spoiling me and has bought me not one, but three new books to add to my collection. He's a good man to feed my reading addiction. :-)

As for Callie, they came back with some preliminary results. Of course, I have had so much medical jargon thrown at me this last week, I feel completely unable to process and take in any more information. I forgot what the bacteria is called...something like graham positive coccus. Don't quote me, I really don't remember. What I DO know is that she is on exactly what she needs to be on to treat this particular infection, so that is good. We'll hopefully have some more definitive answers tomorrow or the next day. I'll ask Dave tomorrow to clarify what's up. My mind is too full of information to be able to sort things out anymore. These evening blogs should prove to be fun...I just hope they make an ounce of sense.

I'm signing off. Have a good night.


Ann said...

Woo hoo--I'm glad you got some good Dave time, some new books, AND id'ed the bacterial culprit! Here's praying for a good night's sleep for everyone, and going home SOON!

Dave, Sheri, and Averi said...

Kim, Glad to hear you finally have some news, something to settle the uncertainty.... and I took microbiology last year, that is definitely a name of a type of bacteria. So Good Job! We're still praying for you all.

christy said...

Yes!!!! I'm so happy to hear you're moving forward! It's got to be nice to have the light finally visible at the end of the tunnel. Hope you guys are able to go home soon and get back to "normal".

Elizabeth said...

yay , for getting some 'date' time away... even if youjust stared at each other across the table. something about being 'away' from the hospital is a nice retreat..
and praise Him that you felt the peace to leave Callie with the nurse.
glad you are finally getting some sort of news.. even if its not much.we'll keep praying.
sounds like you have an incredible hubby !