Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 3 Evening Update

I wish that I had more news. Our doctor just came in to chat with us. She had contacted some specialists at Riley to bounce ideas off of. The good news is she is doing everything that they would recommend. The bad news is, Callie is still not responding. They have started her on a new antibiotic this morning. They are going to give that another 24-48 hours to see if it helps. So far, there is no change. If that does not work, there is talk of sending her to Riley where at that point they may need to go in and remove it. We're not sure of anything at this point. We'll just see how the next few days go.

They are planning on doing a chest x-ray to check for the possibility of other inflamed lymph nodes and another ultrasound to check the status of the fluid tomorrow morning. Again, I ask for everyone to keep praying.

She took a nice long nap this afternoon and is currently hanging out on dad's lap. He was singing to her earlier and she lit up. She is still in pretty good spirits. Noah and grandma are coming for a visit soon. Speaking of which, they just walked in the door. Signing off.


Becky Carlyle said...


Love you guys so much and we are praying for all of you, but of course Callie especially. We are here for anything you may need.

Anonymous said...

Love you! Prayers, Hugs, and Kisses for your little one!