Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My husband is pretty cute...even when everything else stinks.

If I have to hear, "We'll just wait and see" one more time, I'm pretty sure I'll scream and perhaps fly across the room and start wringing necks. OK, it's not that bad, but still we are on day 9 of this ordeal with no real plan yet...except wait. They have confirmed that it is a staph infection. Hopefully later today they will have it more pinned down on whether it is resistant (MRSA) or sensitive to antibiotics. In the long run it doesn't matter because the antibiotics she is on targets both.

I still mentally chuckle when all the doctors come in to round. I have a few that I have mentally re-named from characters of Grey's Anatomy. I have to have something to keep me occupied. :-)

Dave worked all night last night and then drove down here. He didn't get much sleep, but has been awake for the morning as doctor's have rounded and we decided to grab lunch. Our second lunch in a week where it's been just the two of us. Let me tell you a little secret about my husband: When he has had little-to-no sleep he gets silly. It's really quite amusing to watch. He says something silly, which is often not that funny, but because he thinks its funny, it actually becomes pretty funny-and endearing. Silly man. It's one of the things I absolutely love about him. He keeps me amused and he definitely keeps the fun in our relationship. His silly antics have been the basis for many happy family memories thus far (even in the midst of trials). I think I'll keep him. He has the ability to make me laugh when all I want to do it cry or get mad. We walked to the strip mall again to eat. It was, as always, nice to hold hands and have a bit of time to ourselves in this crazy period of life. How about this for romantic? He got a bowl of icecream and gave me the first spoonful. Now, (as if I wasn't sure before) I know that he loves me. :-)

So, this is our life. We are most likely going to be here until Friday- a (very) slim chance we could break out tomorrow, but the infection has to show improvement for that to happen. So, that's our continued prayer: That God would bring healing, and soon.

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Laura said...

would have to say my hubby sounds alot like yers...when we've went thru the valleys..his humor and lightheartedness has sure made it easier in some ways. thank God for these funny cute men ;)
we'll keep each one of you in our prayers...thanks for keeping us updated. AND...since we are G.A. fans too, we would love to see pictures of yer characters over there...ha ha