Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're HOME!!

I tried blogging twice yesterday and it erased it when I tried here we go.

Yesterday, Dede and Noah came to visit us in the morning. Dave was working at Thorntown. The doctors had come in and rounded in the morning. They mentioned that we might go home either late that evening or tomorrow morning. Given the way events had been going, I was told to expect Wednesday morning. However, at 10:30 they gave her the antibiotic in an oral form instead of through an IV. She took it down like a champ. An hour later, all the doctors came in and discharged happened so fast. Mom and I started throwing things in bags and I called Dave. He happened to get off work shortly after and arrived here around the time we were actually discharged (God timing). So, we all loaded up and headed back home. It was SO good to be home. Callie found her fan again. She had missed it. Mom practically did all our laundry while I unpacked and reoriented myself again. Dave went off to play frisbee golf with a few of his friends. Mom left in the evening and Dave and I toyed with going to the fair, but it was just a little too much on our first night home. We ended up grabbing dinner and then coming back home and playing with Noie and crashing on the couch for awhile. Everyone slept in until 7:15 this morning (Callie slept through the night...from 9-7:15). Dave let me lay back down until aroun 8ish. Now we are deciding what our plans are for the day. Noah is watching Little Einsteins. Callie is squealing at her Baby Einstein gym. Dave's placing an order for work. And, I just finished breakfast and am trying to sneak in this blog in between play times with my kiddos. Whatever we decide to do, it's going to be a good day because we are all home, healthy, and together again.


Ann said...

Woo Hoo!!! I am SOOO glad!!! Does Callie need to go back for a recheck with the drs?

Laura said...

Yeah!!!! Hallelujah!!! God is good.