Thursday, July 17, 2008


Noah and Dede just left, Dave's not off work yet, and we were just told that we are here at Riley until at least Monday.I'm feeling a bit melancholy. I'm sure I'll rally...but I'm just not there yet. Callie had a few flecks of blood in her stool and now there is all this hub-bub about C-def. None of the nurses think it is that at all, just a side effect to the heavy antibiotics she's been on. However, until they test it, she is now in isolation...great. They just took away the one thing that has been keeping us going....our daily walks. Now, I can almost guarantee that she does not have this (me being the expert doctor that I am and all). The nurse has left to get a second opinion. Forgive me...I'm not trying to discredit doctors. However, I would love to minimize the amount of unnecessary tests if there are other more likely possibilities. So there. I've said my peace...not that it makes a lick of difference, but oh well.

Callie is snoozing and I think I may lay down. It was a heck of a night last night with the nurse coming in and waking Callie up a few times. (We saw midnight, 2, 4:30, and 6am.)

OK-quick note about the medical profession. I am so glad that I am not trying to be a seems like a cutthroat business to get through med school, internship, and residency. Residents and interns alike are both trying to one up one another at patient's bedsides with who knows more information. They jump in like eager puppies to get their say in. I understand it. Heck, I would probably be the same way. But as a patient, I tend to listen to the ones who are more laid back and confident in their position. They just seem more credible for some reason.

A bit later:
Dave just called and he said it's probably a good thing that they are running the C-def test, just to make sure. So, my doctoring skills need a little work. Oh well, it's not like they're not running it anyway...Hopefully the results come back negative. Perhaps I should stop griping about the doctors and let them do their job.


Laura said...

we will keep praying for you guys and little callie.
i had to think today, good thing she's not at the stage where she's trying to crawl and get into things...hang in there!

Ann said...

I've been praying that you can leave on Saturday, and I'll keep that up!