Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus for small miracles. Last night was not so great. The nurse finally came in at 12:30 and asked the guy to turn it to mute. The TV still stayed on the whole night. At 6 this morning, our rockin nurse (AKA Dave's old schoolmate) came in and told us she got us a private room. HALLELUJAH!!! She said when talking to the doctor it was unlikely they would release us back to Lafayette, but she was able to get us a private room. Now let me tell you, this is a small miracle. These rooms do not come about easily. What are the odds that a nurse that Dave knows would be working in this unit in this gigantic hospital and end up actually being our nurse for the night? Slim. So, that it happened, I truly believe is God's provision for us. Despite my evening emotional lapses, I am still seeing God's hand move throughout this situation. He gives us what we need so that we can sustain. We are trying to find a way to really thank our nurse/Dave's friend for pulling some strings (because we know she had to). She works again tonight and has requested us again. I've decided that I really like her. She is such a sweet woman and has really helped make this scary place a little less scary. We are now in room 3179. The phone number has changed as well, but I don't know it. Feel free to call the cell phone.
(Our new abode...what you can't see is actual space to move around)

(A definite improvement)


Tiffany said...

Is this bench where you sleep?? Jon and I have been praying for you. You are such a fantastic mother. Callie is so lucky.

Ann said...

Woo hoo! thanks, God! I still wish you were in Lafayette, but a private room is definitely an improvement.