Saturday, July 19, 2008

I love my family

Dede and Noah were making their every-other day trek down here this morning. I loook forward to these visits all morning. The big surprise was that Dave came with them (he was supposed to be home sleeping). They came in toting flowers and clean clothes...and the laptop back. It was a wonderful surprise. Noah was an absolute angel and wanted to be with Callie most of the morning. He kept giving her stuffed animals, kissing her, and had his arm around her when they were sitting together. He's such a great big brother. I pretty much teared up most of the morning at his cute antics.

When talking to the doctor's this morning, they were really enthused by her progress and are pretty confident that we can leave Monday morning. Mom Y. said that she would come spring us early since Dave has to work until late afternoon. So, there is an end in sight, and I am relieved. Callie is doing well...currently on her next round of antibiotics and snoozing.

Dede, Dave, and Noah just left. It's hard for all of us to say goodbye right now. I miss them already, but am hopeful that we will all be together again on last.

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