Monday, July 14, 2008

Here we go

Well, a Monday morning here is much different than the weekend. They have full staff and we are finally getting somewhere. I feel like we are in an episode of Grey's Anatomy though with all the interns and residents at our bedside. I gave her her last feeding at 3:30 this morning. She was supposed to be off food for 6 hours before this procedure. I was hoping that they wouldn't push it off till this afternoon because that meant I wouldn't be able to feed her for most of the day. If you've seen my kid, you will notice that she hasn't missed many meals...and doesn't like to.

God's provision came again. As they were rounding, the doctor's told us that the radiologist had an opening at 11:30. Just as he said that, the nurse came in and said that they could take her now (9:30am). So, that is where Dave and Callie are. I have opted out having seen her undergo enough procedures to last me a lifetime. I'm counting on Dave to recap it for me. As a vet, he is pretty interested in seeing what comes out when they aspirate it. So, please be praying as they put her under that there are no ill side effects and that she is safe through all these proceedings.

We'll keep posting on the blog to update everyone as we (finally) know things.


Brooke & Conrad said...

We're praying for everything to go smoothly. Thanks for keeping us apprised of everything!

Mary Sue said...

we, too, are praying! the updates are much appreciated.