Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Evening Update

It's been another long day. Callie had an ultrasound this afternoon. It showed fluid in the lymph node, but the cause is still unknown. That's the big problem as we face a now indefinate stay here. An ENT is coming tomorrow to investigate it further. If he can't figure it out, we are then referred to a pediatric specialist from Riley. The interesting thing is that Callie is still acting normally, aside from this large lump on the side of her neck. We've had a few visitors. Grandma and Noah came to visit this morning. Summer came right in time for the ultrasound, bringing flowers. Dave also bought Callie a balloon and her first real dolly. Dan and Darlene stopped by in the evening and we played a round of cards. Things are going OK. Right now, we are just asking for prayer for healing and to give the doctor's wisdom in making a diagnosis so that she can be treated properly.

Dave just left to head home, and Callie and I are hopefully going to settle down for the night. I managed to squeeze in a nap this afternoon, so I am not feeling too terrible. Thanks to everyone for their support and offers of help. It is very much appreciated. We love you guys.


The Rock Star said...

As usual, thanks for the updates!

I wish I was not sick. Otherwise, I would stop by. :-/

Laura said...

oh kim, these pictures break my heart. but i do know this...
God loves Callie the most and holds her in His hands...and we will stand with you guys in prayer...BELIEVING for healing.
May the peace that passes understanding surround you while you wait for answers.

firelit88 said...

Kim, I had no idea or I would have written sooner. You are in my prayers. If you ever need anything let me know - sure I'm all the way in Kankakee... but there must be something. I know! My uncle is ranked like the #7 endocronologist (sp?) pediatrician in the country. If you need a reference or anything I could help you there.

Keep in touch!!!
Jessica (Prindle) Beckner

Monique said...

thanks for the update kim. i am praying for callie's healing.

much love,

Ann said...

Many prayers for healing! That was Harmony's first dolly too :)

Elizabeth said...

OH, Kim, I had no idea... poor little girl, but she still looks pretty content in these pictures! God is in charge of this little girl, and prayer is so powerful. I will definately send some up for sweet Callie. I feel silly my comment on facebook =/
praying for endurance for you and Dave while you wait patiently.

Kelsey said...

She is getting so big! Still keeping you in my prayers and heart. Let me know if there is anything I can do...from CO.