Friday, July 11, 2008


Our new accommodations...on the right side of the crib is the curtain

I am so incredibly frustrated right now. We just saw the ENT who just told us that they are just going to keep doing the same treatment that we had in Lafayette until our spacious private hospital room with a bed where we knew the nurses. Now, we are sharing a small room without a bed, no bathroom and we didn't have to. They are going to aspirate it on Monday (take a sample). Apparently the person that does it, does not come in on weekends. I could scream. 2 more full days of this in terrible settings.

In other news, our night nurse came in and she is an old friend of Dave's from highschool.

Visiting is tricky down here. There is barely room for Dave and I in this space, let alone visitors. You can call a direct line leading to our room 7am-9pm at (317) 274-9146 if you need to get ahold of us. Otherwise, we are now entering weekend minutes, so we can chat.


Christy said...

Hey Kim!

You said visiting is tricky so I don't know if this will work or not, but David and were considering coming to see you guys tomorrow. My parents can take the kids so it would just be us. You've just really been on my heart and I wanted to see if we could use some support in person. If it's going to be more stressful to have people don't hesitate to say so...I just want to support in whatever way is going to be most helpful to you. Love you! Let me know.

Ann said...

Any way you can request to be transferred back to Lafayette for the weekend??? There is no reason you should be away from home if they're going to do the same thing that they'd do at Home. That stinks. Lots and lots of prayers for you guys....

Kim said...

That's funny that you say that Ann...Laying here listening to the TV of my roommate at 11:30 at night has clinched that decision. I have already talked to the nurse who is going to ask the doctor first thing in the morning. i am more than willing to come back Monday morning. This is ridiculous.