Thursday, July 10, 2008

I can't think of a wittier title than "update"

Here we go. It has been a rough morning. Callie's IV was hurting her. When they checked it, they saw that it was leaking and so they removed it. For about an hour I got to hang out with my little girl without tubes. She took a leisurely bath and we snuggled. Then came the horrendous task of re-inserting her IV. I have never felt so helpless as a mother. It took 4 different pokes (arm, foot, forehead, hand) to finally get it in. By the 4th attempt, I was weeping as she was looking at me screaming and her eyes were begging me to make them stop. I begged Jesus to please let that 4th attempt work, and mercifully, it did...and it ended up being in her hand. The forehead thing freaked me out, but if they could do it without hurting her anymore, I was going to let them.

After that 45 minute ordeal, she was EXHAUSTED and fell asleep hard. Abby and baby Kate came to visit and keep me company. While they were here and just as she had barely been asleep, they came to get us for the ultrasound. Abby came with us to offer moral support. Callie slept through this one because she was still so tired. She didn't sleep through the chest x-ray though. However, she has slept hard after all the tests, and is still sleeping now. Sheri Helms came and brought me a homemade grilled chicken and salad. It was so nice to eat something not from a store.

We haven't talked to the doctor yet, but the chest x-rays came back negative (they were looking for other enlarged lymph nodes) and the ultrasound has not been confirmed, but I heard the sonographer say that there was no change. So, we are running out of options here and are just waiting to hear what the next step is.

We were just moved to a bigger room (4723) where I now actually have a bed and a shower here. It's great. There's actually room to walk around. The nurses have been great and as soon as it opened up, ran us here before it filled up. So, we'll see what the next day or so brings.

Dave just got off work and came straight here. Hopefully we'll hear from our doctor soon.

Thanks, as always, for all the prayers and support.

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Tiffany said...

My mind turns to some lyrics from "Phobic" by Plumb. While the subject matter is different, these lyrics, I feel, are universal. I thought it may encourage you through this trying time:

"I've watched you grow/ and I've stood in your shadow/ I've never walked away./ I hung the stars and/ I hold your heart/ so don't ever be afraid./ Yes, I know when you breathe,/ and I feel when you need/ I won't let you sink."