Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, I'm glad that I didn't blog last night. Our fav nurse was working again last night. I was noticing that Callie was really crying hard (as if in pain) as they were giving her the antibiotics last night. She checked the IV and determined that it needed to come out. It's bad if this particular antibiotic goes into tissue. They checked that, then set to run her 4th IV line since our stay. I decided that I just can't be in there anymore, since I can't stop them from doing it and she is not excessively comforted when I'm there anyway. It was awful. They tried 5 times and were unsuccessful. They would bring her back in to give her a break and I would nurse her. She's a hard prick because she's such a healthy baby (read: chubby). They have a hard time finding her veins. Finally, they decided that they needed to stop for the night (mercifully). They decided to give her the clyndomycin orally. She wouldn't be able to receive the other orally, but frankly, until they find out what's up, I'm OK with that.

She (and I) slept great last night. I slept like a rock since the bench folded out into a bed.

The doctors were just in. They are going to let her stay on oral meds today and wait until they aspirate the lump tomorrow to make any further decisions. The timeline is to have it aspirated sometime tomorrow (hopefully they will nail down a time in the morning, but looking at the afternoon) and have some preliminary results by the evening. They are planning on culturing it which will take another 1-2 days for results. We are looking at being here at least until Wednesday would be my guess. If they decide to continue with the IV's drugs, they are going to have to run a "pick" line, which is a little more long term. They will have to sedate her to get it in. It sounds scary, but at this point, her poor little veins have about had it.

She's sleeping peacefully now. Dave's on his way in with some more clean clothes for both of us. It's another day of waiting and just hanging out.

As for prayers: Please pray that this will heal soon and that they can do it early morning so that we can have the results back sooner. Also pray for just our family in general. Noah is starting to feel the effects of the long stay. Dave is trying to manage and assist 3 places (work, home, hospital) and is feeling the stress. Callie and I haven't seen the outside world much in the last week and have probably an even longer stay. Pray for something to give. We have really felt everyone's prayers here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dave just walked in and handed us a card from our friends, the Wards. At the bottom is a verse that encourages me:

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble therefore we will not be afraid." Psalm 46:1-2

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