Wednesday, July 9, 2008


(Callie receiving her ECHO)
It's been a parade here starting this morning. The ENT came in first thing. He didn't have much to say. Her doctor came in shortly after. The lump has not decreased in size despite the antibiotic treatment. She wanted to run an ECHO on her heart to rule out a particular disease as well as some more blood work. It was the most emotionally challenging thing to watch them poke and prod her all morning. She, again, has been a pretty good sport. I am noticing that she is pretty tired. Mainly because every time we win the battle to get her to sleep someone comes in and wants to do something to her. I have begun turning them away unless it's completely necessary if she is sleeping.

Noah and grandma again came by this morning. It was nice to see Noah even though he didn't really care to see me. Tony brought a team of guys (Nate, Alan, Zach, Garrett, and Tyler)to pray over Callie. It was great and much needed. Unfortunately, we had so many interruptions every time they attempted to pray for her that Dave and I began to see it as a spiritual attack. Still, we are comforted that our God is a much bigger God and can do incredible things. We are believing that he can heal her. The guys all came on their lunch break to pray, so we know that it was a sacrifice and we appreciate the love and support that they showed us. I love our church.

Please keep praying for insight for the doctors. As soon as they can reach a clear diagnosis, they can begin putting her on an appropriate treatment. Thanks for all the prayers thus far. We have really felt them.

I'll post again when I hear back from the doctor.

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Summer said...

we're praying for you, little one! xoxo