Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick update

Now that we are home, blogging seems to have fallen lower on the "to do" list. Callie is almost completely healed. We are all so happy to be home. Noah is behaving himself...or maybe I am just learning how to parent better? After talking with a friend of mine who acknowledged that her daughter's love language is quality time...and the improvement in behavior when she gave her that, I decided to study Noah a little more. His love language seems to also fall into quality time. He likes to play games and cuddle...and when I give him these things intentionally, he seems to listen better in other areas. I have also learned to just not go out an hour before naptime. That's just silly to set myself (and Noah) up for failure. With those two things, I think we are actually making progress.

We had lifegroup last night. It was so good to see everyone again after a 3 week absence. It felt so nice to be back in community. Our friend, Karissa watched Noah for me since Dave had to work. Afterwards she stayed and we hung out for a few hours. It was a lot of fun. It's sad that she is leaving so soon. I sometimes do not like living in a transitional college town.

We really don't have much going on today, which in some ways is nice. We leave next Monday for vacation. I guess I could start organizing a little bit for packing. The weekend is going to be really busy before we leave. Well, I've run out of things to talk brain is still hitting the snooze button. I guess I should go spend some time with my son and maybe refill up his pool.

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Smileyface said...

we have found quality time is gabe's love language is definatley happier around here when Mommy actually takes lotsa time outa the day with just him.