Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Room Change

Ok, so I'm a blogging rookie and am not near as elequent as my wife but we wanted to let you all know that Callie and Kim have been moved to a new room with added ammenities. Unfortunately our primary doctor is going off of the service for the time being (this is normal in a teaching hospital) but his parting gift was that he recommended we move to this new area. Kim has a private room with a bathroom, DVD player, and VCR so she is very happy. The new info is:

Phone--(317) 274-9371

Please continue to call the room if you want to get ahold of us as our cell phone minutes are dwindling quite low.

The funny thing about our new doctor for the time being is that his parents own the clinic where our normal Pediatrician's office is in Lafayette. It's amazing how we keep getting little connections. God is definately taking care of us through the trials.

Hopefully this all makes sense because I am typing fast at work tonight before I rush off to my next patient.

Thanks for all of the support through the ordeal already.

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