Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning Update

Again, not much to update. She is scheduled for a chest x-ray and another ultrasound this morning, but we're not sure what time. We had another OK night. I think I may have slept 6 hours or so off and on. Callie, who usually sleeps through most of the night has been rousing a few times throughout since we've been at the hospital. I imagine it's the new place and people coming in and out and poking at her. Poor Dave called around 6 this morning and I had been in a hard sleep. I was pretty incoherent and told him I would call him back. I ended up waking up at 7:30 thinking that it was still 6:30. Yeesh. He's headed to Thorntown this morning and will be by in the afternoon. Becky W. stopped by and brought me a muffin this morning. Callie is finally sleeping for her morning nap. I hope they let her sleep for awhile before waking her to take x-rays/ultrasound. She is still doing remarkably well considering. Hopefully today we'll find out something more definitive or at least have an idea if she will be sent to Riley and what to expect. Being such a control freak, I really feel like God is telling me to let go. I am a hard core planner and like to have everything scheduled. At the hospital, nobody can tell me what time things will be or what exactly to expect. Since I have nothing else going on besides being here for her, it doesn't really matter much I suppose. But, it is a lesson for me in "letting go" of needing to know every detail. The doctor should be in to talk to me around noon. I'll try to post again after I hear from her. Blogging seems to be a good release for me whether people check it or not. There is something about expressing things that allows me to deal with it a little better. Thanks for the prayers, we are really feeling them.


Tiffany said...

Keep updating. I'm reading!

Elizabeth said...

I am reading! bloggin is such a wonderful outlet for thoughts and emotions... ya think GOd forsaw this whole internet craze????

praying for strenghth is you go thru long days with little sleep. take this uninterupted(except for drs coming in) to just Love on that little girl. just to BE.
love your prayer from last perfect.

Amanda said...

I'm reading too!