Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend. It started on Thursday when we went to Martinton. We hung out with Dave's parents for the evening. They fixed a great dinner and Noah rode the tractor with "papaw".

On Friday morning, we headed up to see my family. Dad and Kat watched the kids while Dave and I hunted for "Sox" apparel, since we can't find it in Indiana. We had another great meal (the 3rd meal that I did not have to make) and then headed up north.

We checked into the Doubletree hotel, which was right on the magnificent mile. We love priceline. It was pretty sweet...everything had just been remodeled in 2008. We walked around a little bit before heading to the White Sox game.

Background: My mom knows Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner, very well. She used to work for him, and they became friends over the years. Growing up, we would always go to one Six game, and one Bull's game a year...oftentimes we would be in the box with Mr. Reinsdorf. However, its been almost 10 years since I have been there. It was nice to go back and see him again.

The White Sox played the Oakland A's. We met up with my mom, her male friend, Dick (she doesn't like to refer to them as boyfriends), my grandma, her nephew, my sister and her boyfriend, Brian (She's OK with that), and Brian's friend Eric. Another couple who were friend's of my mom also came. Yeah, we pretty much took over the suite. Staying in the suite was really the only way you could get me to go with a two year old. Noah was able to move around and play with toys that grandma C. had brought him. We had a great time.

Dave had never experienced life in the "box" and I think he really enjoyed it. Mr. Reinsdorf was in and out. Since the Sox were losing (and lost), he spent a lot of time with his GM, I think. Noah was a champ. He did so well and listened. He even laid down when we asked him to. He crashed hard and we couldn't even rouse him for the fireworks. Callie, however, showed interest in the bright lights in the sky.

Callie spent the majority of the game asleep on my grandma's lap. I know that it made her day (She had yet to meet her) and it was pretty cute to see. We had a great time.

Incidentally enough, my mom and Dick were staying at the same hotel as we were. We found that out during the evening. Dick and my mom went out with Jay and Brian to Navy Pier after the game, while Dave and I took the tired babes back to the hotel.

In the morning, we checked out early and just started walking around. We had breakfast at McDonalds than headed to Millenium park. Noah had a great time splashing in the water.

We ended up taking a carriage ride around the lake front. It was a lot of fun (despite the fact that I nursed Callie for most of it). Dave and I have been trying to take one since our honeymoon 4 and a half years ago. Two kids later, we finally got our chance.

Afterwards, we met up with mom and Dick at Giordanos Pizza. Dave's one request for the weekend was that he have Chicago style pizza IN Chicago. We accommodated him. :-) Noah was pretty tired though and ended up falling asleep on my mom. Callie pooped all over me (and I mean all over) and then fell asleep as well. We headed for home after that.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Noah's good behavior streak ended this morning. He is now in time-out for throwing a fit over pajamas (again). I need to go and get him out and pray that the rest of the day goes better. I am sure that it's because he is tired because he woke up too stinkin early this morning. Sheesh.

Here's hoping for a good nap this afternoon (for all of us).


The Rock Star said...

So, I am still jealous that you got to go see the Sox. Even if the mom is a bit more "fun" sometimes than you would like. It was still the Sox in a box! CRAZY!!!!! (Hmm... If she ever has a spare ticket, I would love to go! No box is fine with me, too!!!)

The rest of the weekend sounds like fun. Thanks for the update!

mjvan said...

Sounds like fun. I've always wanted to do a carriage ride too . . . maybe someday in the future.

Ann said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I've never been in a box--definitely the way to go with small ones :) Great pics too!

Laura said...

jason would like to know if he can be your mom's friend for a day and enjoy a game in the box? he is ahuge fan! we're hoping to catch a game this summer...without kids ;)

Kelsey said...

I LOVE Chicago, and I have ALWAYS wanted to take a horse and carriage ride. I really want one to take me from my wedding to the reception...we'll see how that turns out. ;)