Monday, June 30, 2008

Terrible Two-year old

Gulp...I am a terrible two year old. Ugh. As I was doing my quiet time this afternoon I thought about my relationship with God. Being the ultimate Father, I'm sure he get's my frustrations sometimes as a parent. What became even more glaringly clear is how much I am like my two-year old son.

1) Defiance: Yep, for some reason at times I think that I know better than God. Noah defies me in the same way. Just as I know what's best for Noah, God know's whats best for me.

2) Whining: Noah is a perfectionist at this...I wonder where he got it from? I realized that I whine (and grumble, and complain...)about things not going the way I want them, God not saving babies, Him not doing what I want when I want it. Whining gets me nowhere, just as it does Noah. However, when he asks in his big-boy voice, I usually respond. Perhaps, if I come to God with the right motive and the willingness to listen, he will respond too.

3) Running away: Noah tends to run away when he is asked to do something that he doesn't want to do...Our modern day Jonah. I unfortunately need to be swallowed by the whale with him. I have been guilty of this too many times. Good thing that God is the God of second chances.

4) Consequences: As Noah gets consequences for his sinful behavior from me, sometimes I get tangible ones from God...and yeesh are they painful. Like Noah, I am not a vicarious learner. I have to stick my finger in the fire to learn my lessons.

Well, isn't that just the biggest lesson of all, to realize that you are as naughty and hard-headed as your terrible two-year old? The good thing is, I know how much I love Noah even when he is being ridiculous and not listening. I still love the little dude more than life itself. If my imperfect love still stands for Noah, I know that God's love for me still holds as well...even when I am being a terrible two-year old.


Ann said...

Amazing what God teaches you through your kids--I've had lots of "two year old moments" too :) At least we recognize them, and hopefully learn faster than our kiddos do...

Laura said...

we echo you friend! Jason and I say time and again....we thought we were all grown up and mature til we got married and had kids. Marriage has taught us a ton, but wow, these precious gifts of kids (especially 2 yr olds!) has taught us a whole other book.
And praise God is He is patient and loving with us. Not only are we training are kids for the long haul but we're being trained in the process.

Laura said...

hey kim...
guess what? i did use my crockpot for sunday...but it was a recipe that had to be made up before...the hamburger didn't brown itself and the veggies didn't chop themselves up either...*sigh* so it was still work...but soooo worth it. everyone said it was yummy.