Monday, June 9, 2008

Nursing Noah

Well, it finally happened. Noah tried to nurse Callie. I had just finished nursing Callie, and he was sitting next to me. He lifted up his shirt and shoved Callie's head into his stomach. "Callie eat", he said. I had to have the discussion (while trying not to laugh) that only mommy's can feed babies that way. Pretty sure he didnt' get it.

In other Noah news, he threw up his dinner when he caught a piece the wrong way. While I started the bath, I came back to the kitchen to find Noah, the chair, and daddy gone. I looked outside and Dave was literally hosing Noah off outside. :-) Noah loved it. By the time I grabbed my camera, Noah had moved. Noah thought it was a blast. Why do I bother with bathes?

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Ann said...

Yeah, Dave, for cleaning it up :) My crew still think baths are highly over-rated...though they love playing in the tub!