Saturday, June 28, 2008


This week totally got away from me. It's been fair. We've had some major defiance issues with Noah, but this tail end of the week has been better...maybe we're actually getting through to him. Maybe. When he behaves, he's actually quite cute. The week is honestly somewhat of a blur. I know that we went to the Children's Museum on Wednesday. Dave worked everyday but Friday at Thorntown, so he is a bit tired...he's working again today...but at least he gets to come home and sleep in his own bed tonight.

He bought me some really pretty gerbera daisies yesterday. They're my fav flower and the ones he got were very pretty.

I sold my coffee table...I was asking $20 and the guy gave me $30 (intentionally)...I didn't argue too hard. Sweet deal. Ours are ordered so we are just waiting for them to come in.

What else? RVC has its picnic tomorrow. We are looking forward to that. It should be an exciting day.

Well, I got nothing exciting to write about. I guess I'll get back to High School Musical (did i mention that Noah is hooked on it now? He is truly my son. :-))

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