Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday, our friends the Wellner's and Lindsay watched our babes while Dave and I went to catch our first movie in almost 4 months. We went to see Ironman. It was so great to sit for two hours next to my husband and not have a kid climbing on us (not that we don't love our kids, but we needed some "us" time too). The movie was excellent. I highly recommend it. Perhaps my favorite marvel comic-turned movie.

When we got home, both babes were sleeping, my house was picked up, my laundry folded, and the stinky diapers that were taking over Callie's room that I had just never gotten around to throwing away were disposed of. I was so grateful, and probably mildly embarrassed that they found my house that way. But, as Ryan and Becky told us...aside from having Callie, we are virtually the same (Noah and River are 11 days apart). They told me I didn't need to apologize for my house being messy. (Even though I REALLY did try and get it somewhat picked up before people came). We are very fortunate to have such great friends. It was nice too to see Lindsay there as well. We like when our house is the hang-out spot.
I really must get the house clean today. We are having our lifegroup party here. I really love throwing parties and having people in our house. It's supposed to be really nice today too, so we can be outside as well. Sweet.


mjvan said...

Glad you and Dave got some time together! It is always great to have alone time.

Ann said...

Woo hoo for friends who understand where you are in life! And awesome that both the boys and the parents are all friends...