Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taming the Tongue

Tony talked about James 3 today, which breaks down the taming of the tongue...Yeesh. It was so hard to hear it...mostly because this is an area of struggle for me at different times. I felt so convicted. What's worse. As soon as the sermon was done, I was talking to a close friend and out popped something that could have totally been taken the wrong way. I totally didn't mean it the way it came out, but never the less...out it was. Seriously?! Did I not learn anything in the last 30 minutes of teaching? I had to call my friend later and apologize (always humbling). It's even worse when I do that, sometimes, because then once I get going I can't stop. Thankfully, there is grace. That is the big thing that I am learning. I am an all or nothing sinner...meaning, I either am completely oblivious to my sins or when I do acknowledge them I am racked with so much guilt that I forget that God has already forgiven me. There has to be middle ground somewhere, an area of gentle conviction that brings about change, but acknowledges grace.

Well, clearly I don't have this area mastered yet (controlling the tongue or finding grace). Good thing that God's not through with me yet...Now if only I could be a more studious pupil.

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Laura said...

Right there with ya sister!