Saturday, March 1, 2008

Silly Israelites

I am currently reading through Numbers in my chronological bible. I'm at the part where the Israelites have been rescued from Egypt but are on their long sojourn to the promised land. As I am reading, I keep thinking, "Man! They are whiny!! Sheesh, what more do they want from God than being saved?!". Then I turn around and look at myself, and well, blush. God deals with them differently back then (death to show his power sometimes happened) and yet I noticed that even back then, there was atonement. Moses often stepped in and interceded on their behalf...even though they were trying to usurp Moses too! If I were Moses, I would have just stepped back and said, "You people are just not worth saving. I don't need this kind of stress." Let's just say, its a good thing I am not God (or Moses) because he has a lot more compassion than I do. However, its a good lesson in looking into my own heart.

I got pretty convicted as I watched how Moses fought for them even when they didn't do a lick to deserve it (quite the opposite actually). How much am I intereceding and praying for those who currently do not know Jesus?

What's worse, (gulp) I think that I am an Israelite. Just this week alone, I look back ashamedly at how much I have whined and complained. Really, nothing was as bad as it seemed at the time, and when put next to other's more dire circumstances, my silly rants seemed childish and petty. I have all the manna I need. I am a child of God. Yet, insanely enough, I know that God still listens and cares even when I am being a whiny Israelite.

Thanks God, first for loving the Israelites (all of us) even when the whines replaced praises. Second, for giving us perspective that really ALL we need is you. Everything else is just manna.


mjvan said...

I think we all fall into that at times. I know I have read that and felt the same way at times!

Ann said...

Yup, I'm a guilty Israelite too :) and very grateful for His mercy!