Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dave Update

I don't have much more conclusive news, except that Dave really likes the doctor Frank referred him to. The doctor took another chest x-ray, which was pretty clear. They both agreed that Dave was not able to get his peak intake of breath. However, since Dave was feeling relief from the ibuprofen, he put him on basically a mega ibuprofen. He thinks this might be the tail end of something viral and that Dave's lungs are irritated and that might be what is causing the pain. So, basically the meds are an antiinflammatory to help give them relief while they heal on their own. I'm sure there are more technical explanations, but that is the best that I understand it. Dave came home yesterday from his appt and slept until he had to go back to work. I called to check on him last night. He was swamped with patients, but said that he was feeling OK. We'll see what this morning brings when he comes home.

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