Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The (baby) waiting place...

Well, I accomplished everything on my list yesterday. Go me...that's a rare feat.

A couple that we knew in Champaign, just welcomed their daughter yesterday. I got the email this morning. It makes me excited to meet our own little one.

I am torn between savoring these last few (slightly uncomfortable) weeks because this could be my last pregnancy and getting anxious to meet this little man. Dave and I are still unsure about the number of children we are going to have. He is pretty set on 2. Two is a good number for me, but I am just not ready to say that with finality quite yet. Depending on how our life plays out, this could indeed be my last pregnancy. I have so many mixed feelings on that. Sure, morning sickness, sciatica, and packing on (X) number of pounds above and beyond baby are tough. However, I have really enjoyed feeling him move around in there and develop. It's an incredibly unique experience...one that is difficult to describe. So, here I am in my third trimester and my hormones are all over the place (Ask Dave).

We really are in the final countdown. I still have my bag to pack (that according to the list I printed off the internet should have been done last week...Oh well.) I think I have Noah completely set up and ready to go on all contingencies. This part is always hard for me because I am such a planner...and right now I feel like a ticking time bomb. Well, maybe not quite yet, but in another 2 weeks I will. I can only plan so much and then just wait until he is ready to make his debut. By nature, I am not a very patient person, so I am sure God will use this time to stretch me.

Lord, I pray that you would meet my family in these last few weeks. I pray that this baby would come at his own time and that it would be in your perfect timing. We pray that he would be healthy and pray against any complications. Help my hormones regulate so that I can function normally in these last few weeks. I pray that Noah would adjust well to being a big brother. Thank you God for all that you have blessed us with. We love you.

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Ann said...

Too exciting about the final countdown! I was installing Harmony's car seat when we needed to be going to the hospital...oops. Somehow it all works out :)

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