Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fun

It's been a fairly uneventful day. I spent most of the day cleaning and doing laundry. Aside from the laundry, the house is a mess again because I am watching the Riv-man for a little bit...and having two toddlers in the house just lends itself to toys everywhere. Ryan (River's dad) got me a peanut butter cup blizzard on his way over...a total craving these days. Now, the boys are settling down watching Toy Story. It's cute to watch them now because they are really starting to interact with one another. It's fun, but it also means a few squabbles here and there. I'm glad that Noah has such a good friend in River.

We were hopeful that today would be the day. I got my weekly email update from Baby Center are 40 weeks. You are due! Yep, sure am. The funniest part is that I feel great. I don't know if I am adjusting to being uncomfortable or what. Don't get me wrong, I still have moments of sciatica and uncomfortableness, but on the whole, I am feeling pretty good for being this pregnant. Dave thinks he'll just stay in there for awhile. Who knows anymore.

Dave is at work tonight and Noah and I have to run some stuff to him later. We went for a walk earlier and played at the park. It was sunny, although not that warm. It's been a pretty good day. We'll see what this kid has planned for us (if anything) this weekend.

Off to go get River and Noah some snacks and then to pack up the stuff that Dave needs. Have a great Friday everyone.

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