Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still no baby for those of you wondering.

Happy Easter everyone! We celebrated it yesterday with Noah. We're not sure how much we are planning on playing up the Easter Bunny, but we let him search for eggs and gave him a small basket of goodies. One of which, a bubble gun from Walmart, was complete junk and never worked from the get go. I won't comment further.

Dave is at work this morning and Noah and I are getting ready for church. We're a little bummed that he has to work on Easter Sunday, but that's life married to an ER Vet I guess. Anyway, as of today I am a week away from my due date. I am definitely feeling the ticking time bomb feeling. I just wonder when its finally going to detonate. :-)

I wish I had more interesting things to report, but alas, no. Hope that you all have a wonderful Easter! Noah and I talked about the significance of the resurrection today while I was changing his diaper. All he had to say about it was, "dog!". Not sure how that connected, probably didn't. But, someday soon I am hoping to have some really cool Jesus talks with him. Happy Easter everyone!

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Sally Parmenter said...

We got to see Mike, Laura, and their cute kids this morning at church! Grandma DeeDee said she has lesson plans ready so she can take off to see your new little one! We pray for a wonderful delivery!