Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Full Moon?

Yesterday was the weirdest day. :-) It started off fairly normal. Noah had pottied through the bed, so we started our morning a little earlier (but not by much). Dave came home from work and snuggled with Noah for awhile during the Backyardigans ("Back" as Noah likes to call them). Then Dave went to sleep off the night at work and Noah and I had our normal morning routine. We went over to Carlyle's and met with Becky and Caed. Becky and I are starting "The Screwtape Letters". Not an easy read, but it brings about some fun and interesting discussions. Here's where it gets weird...Noah was actually pretty well behaved. I'm usually reprimanding him up and down to not get into various things or to actually share toys with Caed, etc. When it was time to go, Becky handed him back his movie and he told her "Tank You" without even being prompted. (As a mom, I was SO proud!). He got home and ate lunch fairly well (another shocker) and didn't fight nap time at all (this is not too uncommon. He is doing much better these days about staying in bed during nap and night time). When he woke up, he dumped out his toys from the basket that I had just picked up so that I can vacuum. I asked him, as I was walking from the room, to please pick them up. When this happens, it usually NEVER happens on the first go and I have to come back in and ask him to do it repeatedly. HOWEVER, as I came back into the living room, half of his toys were in the basket! I almost cried out in glee! I praised him up and down for listening to mommy and gave him a high five! I know, I know...this is what we are supposed to expect from your kids. When it actually happens though, it feels like one of God's great miracles.

The day moved on from there of Noah being pretty obedient the first time around. There were not many battles. I decided that I wanted corned beef yesterday since it was St. Patty's day. Since Dave doesn't like eating it, he agreed to take me to get it instead of me making a big one for only me to eat. So, we went to McAllister's Deli where I had a wonderful corned beef sandwich. Noah, who rarely ever eats when we eat out, actually sat and ate most of his food. Dave and I just stared at each other across the table as if to say, "Are you seeing this?". I hope it's a sign of things to come and not just a fluke...but after fighting the battles of the terrible twos, it's nice to have a reprieve and victory every once in awhile!

I felt like pumping my fist in the air and yelling, "YES!!!" all evening.


Tiffany said...

Excellent, excellent entry today, Kim! I hope you save this one. It is so funny, and so cool to read about this new (shall I jinx it?) mile marker! I can't wait to have to deal with this!

Ann said...

Awesome! Hope it continues :)