Monday, March 3, 2008

Well, I'm at least thankful for the slight preview we got of sunshine and warmth yesterday, even if it is not sticking around. Perhaps it was God's way of saying, "Winter is not forever".

We have a busy morning today. I have to go to the post office, meet with Kristin at the mall (which should be interesting seeing as Noah has found the carousel and now makes escapes out of the play area. Me, being 9 months pregnant waddling as fast as I can behind him because he has his mom ears on and can't apparently hear me.) Then off to get my glasses fixed...they are sitting on my face crooked, and its driving me bonkers...and I'm sure it looks a little funny as well.

When Noah goes down for a nap, I am going to try and make my grandmother's polushki recipe. My grandmother is full-blooded Polish. She came over through Ellis Island and has made a life here. However, she makes the best polushki and I am craving it. I have never tried making it before so we'll see how they turn out. I am hoping to make enough to freeze so that I can enjoy them for a long time to come. :-)

That's as far as I have planned. Dave works again tonight, poor guy. So it will most likely be a low-key night here. I have a DVD that is waiting to be watched (I try to watch the girly ones sans Dave...he appreciates it.)

Have a wonderful Monday! For those in Illinois, Happy Casmir Pulaski day!

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mjvan said...

Sounds interesting! Good luck cooking! Have you seen Why Did I Get Married? I found it very funny! Olivia and I watched it.