Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleeping in!

Noah and I slept until 8:45am this morning! I honestly cannot remember the last time I have slept that long. Granted, we are still adjusting to the time change, and I was up a few times throughout the night for various reasons (bathroom, finding my low battery beeping cell phone, and tending to Noah), but still...when my phone rang at 8:45 I was completely disoriented. I cannot believe that we slept so late. Maybe daylight savings is the miracle I needed to get Noah resting until a little later. :-)

Meanwhile, as I am typing this, he is watching Little Einsteins and is doing all the actions they are doing (patting, blast off, shaking his body all around). It's pretty cute...probably means we watch too much morning television though.

Alright, well Halie M. is coming over in an hour and I have usually been up for 2 hours longer by now, so I need to get moving. Have a great Monday everyone!

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mjvan said...

Glad to hear Dave is doing O.k. I had to wake Kinley up this morning to take him to a follow up check up this morning. Not fun! Glad you got some good rest!