Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yesterday was a beautiful day and Dave had it completely off. We worked outside a lot and brought out some of Noah's toys (the truck and lawn mower made their spring debut). We played at the park for a little bit. It was a lot of fun. We also took dinner to Dave and Sheri Helms who just recently had a baby, Averi, who is gorgeous. Not too much longer and we will have another one that size again.

I got on my hands and knees yesterday and scrubbed the kitchen floor, in hopes that it might do something. All it did was make my kitchen look a little better (can't complain about that) and made me sore for a little bit. No dice on starting labor. I still technically have 17 more days left, so I've got time. I just hate that ticking time bomb feeling. I am trying to make plans for the next few weeks, but of course, everything is contingent on when this baby decides to make his debut. With Noah, he was only one day early, so I am guessing this one may follow suit and be pretty close to my actual due date. Hence, I have things planned all the way up until that final week. We'll see what actually happens though.

It's another beautiful day out!! Even better than yesterday. I've opened up the windows and we have played outside and taken a walk today. I'm glad that Dave is able to enjoy the outdoors a little bit between jobs. He was at Thorntown this morning and will be at AEC tonight, but is home now and playing outside. Noah could stay outside all day if we let him. He is loving the outdoors and a change of scenery. I can't say that I blame him. After the dreary winter, these days are so refreshing!

Pretty soon, I will have to take stock and look at the spring/summer collection for Noah and see where we need to add. I'm pretty sure we don't have a lot in 2T for summer. We were thinking he would be in it more winter, but he wasn't really. I cannot wait until garage sale season! I am even more excited for our neighborhood's annual garage sale so that I can purge and get rid of a lot of stuff. Clean out the garage a little bit...before we add more to it with all the "new" stuff that we buy this year at garage sales.

Well, I'm jabbering about nothing, so I think I am going to head back outside with the guys and let Noah enjoy some more sunshine while its still here.

Have a wonderful day!

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Ann said...

Glad you guys were able to enjoy the day! Patrick took a "Daddy Day" and hung out with the kids instead of taking them to school (and going to work).