Friday, March 14, 2008

MIA ipod

I am missing my ipod nano. I have no idea where it is. I know that I last used it to exercise sometime last week or the week before. From there, it went into my coat pocket while I picked Noah up from childcare. I know that it stayed there for a few days because I intended to hook it back up to my van. I think it might have exited my coat at some time because I didn't want to lost it. I might have switched it to a purse with the intent of plugging it back into the van on my way out. However, now I cannot find it. I am devastasted. Dave got that for me for my birthday a year and a half ago. I have not had it that long.

I am feeling rather stupid for not just putting it back when I had the chance. However, juggling Noah, diaper bags, swim bags, purses, wallets, and winter coats on a regular basis makes it sometimes difficult to always know where everything is. Sippy cups are easy to replace. Keys, not so much...but I know where those are. It's the ipod that seems to have disappeared. I always thought that if it were stolen, it would be from out of the van where I have it docked almost always. I am hoping beyond hope that it is not stolen, but just misplaced. I have torn up the house looking for it. I only hope that its in a place that I have not yet looked.

I feel the stress mounting from losing something so valuable. Grrrr.

Lord, I realize this is just an innanimate object and is completely replaceable...However, if you would see fit to help restore my ipod, that would be super great.


The Rockstar said...

I hope you find it! I know I would be very distressed if mine was lost. :-/

Ann said...

I'm sorry :( I hope you find it soon!