Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Excitement

Well, my parents came down last night on their way to Indianapolis. They stayed with Noah and I (Dave worked). Noah, who was a crab all day was so excited to see Manny (Nanny) and Pots (Pops). He put on quite the show for them and was (of course) on his best behavior. We had a nice visit and they took off this morning.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Dave came home with severe chest pains. We talked about going to the ER, but he decided to wait a little bit to see if they would subside. I prayed over him, and he managed to fall asleep. As the night wore on, his breathing evened out and wasn't so labored. He woke up this morning feeling better than last night, but not great. He is still deciding whether he wants to go to the urgent care today or not. He said that at the moment its not bad enough to warrant it, but its still there. So, hopefully he will be either completely healed of whatever it was or he gets it checked out sometime today.

Be praying for Dave as he works this thing through. Not sure what happened to cause it, but as I can attest to last night...prayer works.

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