Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I love our lifegroup. Tony Ranvestel (our pastor) came tonight and talked to our lifegroup about spiritual gifts. Admittedly its a heavy topic, (hence why I gave it to him), but I thought he did a really great job of breaking it down and explaining it out, keeping it real, and sharing a lot of his experiences (both good and bad). Although our normally chatty group was fairly quiet, I am hoping (as was the case for myself anyway) that we were all just processing. There were some good question asked towards the end that brought it home a little bit. There was some good prayer that came at the end of it as well. Tony called me later and said how much he liked our lifegroup...I would have to agree with him. We have a great group, with really great dynamics, and I love doing life with them.

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Ann said...

You do have a great life group!