Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sabbath Sunday

Well, Dave is feeling MUCH better. As always, we tend to get blown away when God heals in such incredible ways.

With the time change, we have had a pretty lazy afternoon. We all took really long naps this afternoon. It's hard to believe that its already 7pm. The day seems to have passed by without us. It's been nice to cuddle with our monkey though. He's rather mellow today and is very "huggie".

I wish I had cooler things to say, but really my brain is not really on the job today. Better luck tomorrow maybe.

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Laura said...

Funny how you call yer little man yer monkey....we must get our boys together to play! Sounds like they would have alot in common....OR...get into a lot of monkey business together! BIG question for you: When you starting the potty training? Read my blog today for details. We hava monkey boy too ;)
Hava good week and you're in our prayers for safe and speedy delivery! Hugs...Laura