Friday, March 21, 2008

Garage Sales!

Well, let me backtrack just a bit:

My good friend Melinda came into town Tuesday through Thursday. We had a wonderful time together solving the world's spiritual problems, watching movies, and talking about our favorite book series (The First Born Series by Karen Kingsbury). She also watched Noah while I had my Dr. appt and prayer on Wednesday night. It was super great to have her here.

Last night, Abby and Rocky watched Noah so that Dave and I could catch Juno (The last night for it was yesterday in our town). It was cute. Dave wasn't so thrilled with it, but he was a good sport. He also out of the blue surprised me with Mary Kay's Satin lips. Apparently one of his techs is now selling Mary Kay and he decided to get me something to pamper myself. It was SUPER sweet of him. Good job honey!

OK, now on to garage sales. I hit 2 garage sales this morning. The first one had really cute baby stuff but was WAY over priced. I still ended up buying a onesie for the new baby and a shirt for Noah just so that I could say I actually garage saled. There was also one on our street as we were coming home. Noah ended up with an oversized batters helmet, which he wouldn't take off. The funny story there is he couldn't see as we were walking to the van and walked right INTO the van! :-) I cleaned it up once we got home and he is loving his new "hat". I also found Dave a couple pairs of mesh shorts for the summer. Yea for garage sale season! It's finally here!

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mjvan said...

I'm so excited for garage sales too!I'm planning on going to my first two in the morning! In case you guys could make it, Steve Manning is going to be here next Saturday night and Sunday. We are having a 6:30 service Saturday night. I know that is right around your due date, but thought I would let you know.