Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dave update

I think I have managed to panic some let me further update...

Dave is doing fine. What we think happened is yesterday afternoon, he was helping me move Noah's mattress to make the bed. He tripped over some of Noah's toys and torqued his upper back a little bit. Well, we now think that he may have pinched a nerve. He suspected this early on, which is why he wanted to wait a little bit to see if it subsided with rest before heading to the ER.

Between prayer and rest, he is doing OK. He says its still a little sore, but not enough to warrant him going to urgent care at this point. He said he would go if he needed to later.

Both he and Noah are napping comfortably right now. Sorry to alarm anyone. It's hard to get your tone right when typing. I think what I was trying to convey is that both Dave and I really saw the power of prayer last night in a time of need. God really came and calmed Dave's body so that he could rest and not have to go to the ER (not that we wouldn't have if that's where we needed to go). But, God intervened in a very tangible way and so we are very thankful.


Kelsey said...

Glad Dave is doing better--I have been praying for him. Hope everything works out and God continues to answer, and no more stress is added to your lives!

Melinda said...

:) God rocks. :)