Sunday, March 30, 2008

Still pregnant

It's 8:42pm on Sunday evening. I am still pregnant. I am a lot more uncomfortable today. I've had no contractions. Today is my due date. How many more simple sentences can I include in this blog?


Sally Parmenter said...

Hang in there, Kim!!!

Ann said...

The waiting is killer...

Laura said...

now is when you:
1-walk very fastly, many many laps around yer house
2-take many warm baths and play christmas music (wait, no that's only when yer due in november ;)
3-warm showers
4- breastpump
5- drink red raspberry leaf tea
6-do lotsa praise and worship workouts with noah that include big jumping jacks
7- or if that all makes you tired; sit and wait some more... ;)
we'll keep praying for a speedy and smooth delivery!!!! blessings!

Ann said...

Adding to Laura's worked for Harmony :) last chance for six weeks...TMI, sorry :)